ROV Argus 75

Immediate inspection at 1000 meters depth

The ROV, which is a Argus Rover (building 75), is manufactured and supplied by Angus Remote Systems AS at Laksevåg in Bergen Norway. Argus Rover has three cameras, one at the behind, a HD camera in the front facility and a wide-angle camera at top. It's electric and gets power and communication via a connected cable. It has also a robot arm, a manipulator, which can perform smaller and easier underwater tasks.

Moveable control rom

A custom built container holds nine computerscreens for video and the location of the Argus Rov. The container is built by Western Mechanical AS.


Height 1.3 meters
Width 0.8 meters
Weight 300kg
Thrusters 6 x electric, 4 Horizontal and 2 vertical


  • Samba AS - Bilde
  • Samba AS - Bilde
  • Samba AS - Bilde


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